Monday, 30 April 2018

Make Career in Ethical Hacking from Kinderage

Ethical hacking is a great career option, if you have the right aptitude and passion for it.When I first heard there is something called ethical hacking, and people get paid to do it, my eyes widened. How cool is that! Many of you must have thought the same thing when you crossed paths with this field.
The mystery and allure connected to hacking has attracted many people. It is a common belief that ethical hackers keep hacking websites or systems, and retrieve useful information James Bond Style, but that is only partially true (because that could land you in jail!).

Ethical hackers are responsible for penetrating systems, but it is for a reason. They are supposed to provide solutions to the problems concerning cyber security. They understand the vulnerabilities of a system, and then attempt to find solutions to prevent them.
When you are ready to unleash your inner hacker against the monster that is cyber-crime, you need to get certified. The most-trusted body that you can get certified with is the Indian Cyber Army. You can get yourself enrolled in certification from the kinder age of 13 years. Here you will acknowledge the tact to observe cyber crime and tricks to fight against it. It is an assured job opportunity for the ethical hacking enthusiasts.

Indian Cyber Army serves for various government organizations such as Delhi police and alongside several other states in India.

There are various levels to get you enrolled in Indian Cyber Army respective of your experience and capabilities.Here you get to work with government organization which is instead a big deal. Along with a good salary you even get reorganization for it.

For the individuals above 13 years of age and no experience can take the Associate membership as their start where you will be trained by experts of Indian cyber Army to develop your skills and set forth a Career in Ethical Hacking or Information Security Industry.

The individuals who have got certification in ethical hacking from any institute in India can opt for Professional membership just by giving an online examination and set forth a Career in Ethical Hacking or Information Security Industry.

The individuals who have got experience of at least 3 years can opt for fellow membership just by giving an online examination led in light of your previous experience and thereby you can be a part of Indian Cyber Army. Kislay chaudhary is the founder and chairman of Indian cyber army.

While opting any of above mentioned you get the following membership benefits too:
  • ·         Recognition of your skills from Indian Cyber Army
  • ·         Access to Job Reference Network
  • ·         Profile shared with supported Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • ·         20% Exclusive discounts for all Indian Cyber Army supported Events
  • ·         Lifelong email ID alias
  • ·         Build professional relationships.
  • ·         Keep up on developments in information security/risk/privacy.
  • ·         Professional development or educational programming offerings.
  • ·         Learn practical/best practices solutions.
  • ·         Career information and employment opportunities.
  • ·         Advance the profession.
  • ·         Give back to the profession.
  • ·         Develop the next generation of cyber Security professionals.

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