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Defamation: What it is and How to Deal with It

Indian Cyber Army has found some of the reasons why Defamation becomes one of the most dangerous Crime as per company’s perspective.

First it is necessary to understand what it Defamation ?
Defamation can be explained as when any person tries to harm your reputation socially by saying something untruth about you or by writing any statement against you at any place like at social media etc.These statements or spoken words had a bad impact on your character is said as defamation.

There are two forms of Defamation:-

1. Libel –When someone harm your character by writing something bad about you is said libel defamation.
2.Slander – When someone harm your character by speaking something against or bad about you is said slander defamation.

From a poor person to a richer person, his respect is very important for him. It was also said that the person takes years to make his respect and It takes a minute for losing it. Everyone in society has the right to save his reputation, respect, fame and social respect from being hurt in any way, and if a person is playing with his respect and dignity, then he can go to Court.
To insult any person, to encroach him in the society, to make a false accusation on him,abusing him, come under indecision for defamation case and the person accusing him of it falls in the category of criminal .

Facts which fall within the defamation case:-

Many times we tell a person anything without thinking anything but a sentence and word we are told without thought can be a problem for us. From what things, facts, gestures of any person should be defamatory, we must know about it so that we can understand the thinking  and we can also know about our rights.
  • Relating to caste and community: For the purpose of showing a person downside, mentioning abusement about his caste, community and his religion comes in defamation.
  • Eligibility and fall of goodwill: If someone cautions the person's ability to reduce someone's ability, experience, knowledge and experience to be false, and propagate his religion in people, it comes in defamation. Such defamation can occur in any form of personal, collective and institutional.

Facts that do not come under the defamation case:-

No person will be prosecuted for libel unless it is proved that its purpose is not to disrespect the honor of the another person socially and to make a false allegation against him until it is proven right. For this, the victim must have all the evidence related to defamation.

Defamation on Internet (CYBER DEFAMATION) -

These days internet is used by almost everyone. Social media like Facebook,Twitter etc have become a platform for everyone to say defamatory statements  for anyone and is growing immensely. As social media statements reach to lakhs of people and create a bad impact.But defamation at social media can be easily tracked and making it important that people should think before what they are posting concerning about other people.

What is Cyber-Defamation laws?

Under Section 66-A of the Information Technology Act 2000, any person defames anyone from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social websites and devices with the help of computer, internet or mobile, then imprisonment up to 3 years or fine or else Both of these could be punished.

Things Never to do:-

  • Never use anyone's image,video etc and share on social network for fun.
  • Never try to hack someone social media account,as most people try to do this for bad activity.Its a crime
  • Never share offensive links,photo,video on whatsapp,facebook etc.
  • Never try to use someone else data without its permission.

How to Deal with Cyber Defamation:-

  1. Ignoring the statement- Mostly celebs try to ignore negative comments against them but it is difficult to do that it's better to resolve by directly talking to them.
  2. Try to remove the statement- Firstly try to remove the content which you feel is wrong for you and request the service provider to remove it
  3. Proving the statement-A business may choose to Prove the statement, either through a formal press release or by responding directly to the party making the statement .
  4. Taking legal actions- If you think matter is not resolving and having a bad impact still,you can take legal action against them but you should have proper evidence of allegedly defamatory statement on you.

How to take action against Cyber Defamation:-

A person facing cyber defamation can make a complaint to the cyber crime complaint :-9968600000 of Indian cyber army .We have digital investigation agency helping people who become cyber victims.You don’t need to worry if you face any such issues contact to Indian cyber army.

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