Thursday, 1 February 2018

Cyber threat for 2018-Cyrptomining & how to stay safe

What is Cyrptocurrency?
Cyrptocurrency is a type of digital money made to be secure data and money transfer online which is made with Cyrptography technique which includes mathematical theory for transactions.It allows users to make secure payments online and in this transactions there is no banks involved and people are more using for hiding there in Cyrptocurrency and increasing its value as its demands is increasing.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is first Cyrptocurrency which is developed and can be used from anywhere for transactions without involving banks or third party by directly transferring from your bitcoin wallet to another person bitcoin wallet by giving some bitcoins who does safely transactions and solving mathematical equations.At present value of one bitcoin is 450000.

What is Cyrptomining?
Cyrptomining is defined as when a cryptocurrency like bitcoin is transferred from one wallet to another wallet for that we have to solve a mathematical equation when that equation is solved cyrptocurrency is transfered .Use of Cryptocurrency is been trending and Bitcoin has created some new trends as people are earning more than expectation which has lead to increase of cyber threat as cyber criminals got another chance to attack people.

How to stay safe from Cyrptomining?
It requires great knowledge to tackle such criminals Only cyber security experts could deal with such hackers.Indian Cyber Army has been working against such hackers and providing security to individuals by starting a cyber crime helpline number.If you face any cyber related problem just contact us at 9968600000.

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